Monday, February 12, 2007

YOU are invited to the pope's 80th birthday celebration!

On April 16th, Pope Benedict will turn 80 years old and he wants to celebrate. has reported that there will be a mass celebrated by His Holiness to mark the occassion, and you're invited.

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 11, 2007 ( Benedict XVI will preside over a Mass in St. Peter's Square to mark his 80th birthday.

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Holy Father's vicar for Rome, sent a letter Friday to invite all the faithful to the celebration on April 15, the eve of the German Pontiff's birthday.

"We pray with the Pope and for the Pope, praying for an abundance of divine blessings for him," wrote Cardinal Ruini, president of the Italian episcopal conference.

The Mass will be celebrated on Divine Mercy Sunday, a liturgical solemnity introduced by Pope John Paul II.

The cardinal also asked the faithful to pray for Benedict XVI on April 19, the second anniversary of his election as Supreme Pontiff.

On April 2, Benedict XVI will preside over a Mass for the eternal repose of John Paul II.


Tim Ferguson said...

Hmmm, file my income taxes or celebrate the Pope's birthday...

I definitely think the latter is the more appealing choice!

Saginaw said...

If it's anything like the party he was at in the pic below with the beer...taxes can wait!