Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Governments starting to realize that promoting condoms has left things worse, not better."

The Register Reports:
“The root cause of the wildfire spread of AIDS is irresponsible moral behavior. By distributing condoms, this [behavior] is not challenged but only encouraged,” Cardinal Napier said Jan. 6, addressing the Jan. 4-9 assembly of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India, the Latin rite bishops meeting in the southern state of Kerala.
“By objecting to condoms, we are promoting sexual discipline,” Cardinal Napier said. “Show us a country in Sub-Saharan Africa that has reduced, let alone reversed, the rate of new infections” with condoms.
The condom-centric approach South Africa has followed for years has only pushed the country into the abyss in which it finds itself now, Cardinal Napier said. More than 12% of the country’s 48 million people are HIV positive, and half of all deaths are from AIDS.
To prove his point, Cardinal Napier said that Uganda is one of the greatest success stories in the fight against AIDS, with its abstinence program bringing down the HIV infection rate from more than 30% to below 6%. (Read the Whole Article...)
Interesting considering the efforts at Central Michigan University...You heard it here first.


Hoodlum said...

This is as inapproriate place as any other to ask, but I have a catechism question I cannot find an answer to regarding contraception:

If I suffer from premature ejaculation, is it permissible to use a condom in order to reduce friction and allow me to satisfy my wife?

Anonymous said...

I would never advise using a condom because it places a barrier between the spouses. Try this instead...
It is scientifically known that men become aroused more quickly than women. So don't be quick to engage in the intercourse but spend more time in the foreplay so that you can experience climax as close to the same time as possible. Wait for her. This shouldn't be done for simply the sake of pleasure but in a loving act for your wife. Be willing to put off what you want for a sec. so that she's more ready.

Finally, this isn't me saying this. John Paul II wrote this same advice in a book called "Love and Responsibility"