Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pope's Advice to Seminarians

When the Pope speakes directly to seminarians, my ears perk up. He met with a group of them last Saturday for a Q & A. Catholic World News has the story, here's a "snipit":

The Pope told the students to “remain attentive to the other voices of the Lord,” recognizing that God speaks to them through “other people, through friends, through our parents.” Most of all, he added, God speaks through the Scriptures, which should be read “not as the word of a man or a document from the past” but as the living Word of God with a powerful message for every reader at every time.
As they embark on their lives as ordained ministers, the Pope said, the young men should “be with the Lord in the Eucharist every day-- not as a professional obligation but as a true interior duty.” He also encouraged them to be attentive in praying the Liturgy of the Hours, thus maintaining their regular contact with the Scriptures and their communion with other priests throughout the world.

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Sean Nolan said...

Here's some more goodness from His Holiness about seminarians:

"“During his time in the seminary, a particularly
important process of maturation takes place in the consciousness of the
young seminarian: he no longer sees the Church "from the outside," but
rather, as it were, "from the inside," and he comes to sense that she is
his "home," in as much as she is the home of Christ, where "Mary his
mother" dwells. It is Mary who shows him Jesus her Son; she introduces
him and in a sense enables him to see and touch Jesus, and to take him
into his arms. Mary teaches the seminarian to contemplate Jesus with the
eyes of the heart and to make Jesus his very life. Each moment of
seminary life can be an opportunity for loving experience of the presence
of our Lady, who introduces everyone to an encounter with Christ in the
silence of meditation, prayer and fraternity. Mary helps us to meet the
Lord above all in the c elebration of the Eucharist, when, in the Word and
in the consecrated Bread, he becomes our daily spiritual nourishment.”

Here is the secret of your vocation and your mission! It is kept in the
Immaculate Heart of Mary, who watches over each one of you with a
mother's love. Have recourse to her, often and with confidence. – Pope
Benedict XVI"