Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Finally Some Good News From the Anglican Front...

The leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion who are meeting in Tanzania this week have issued an ultimatum to the U.S. Episcopal Church: "Stop ordaining gay clergy and blessing gay 'marriages.'" If the U.S. Episcopal Church does not heed this warning, it could mean yet another split in Christianity.

Now spliting up Christianity is not something I see as a good thing persay, but thank God that the Anglican Communion is stepping up and defending truth on this one. After watching the Anglican Communion spiral out of control over the past few years one could only ask: Quo Vadis Canterbury? It seems that with this latest out of the Tanzania meeting, the Anglican Bishops will be attempting to answer that question and in couragous form as well.

Could this mean a better chance at a reunion with Rome? Who knows, but if anything it means they won't fall any farther away from her.

Lets certainly keep this one in prayer...

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