Saturday, February 24, 2007

KFC Seeks Papal Blessing on New Fish Sandwich

I can see it now, cue the deep announcer's voice: KFC, bringing you the only fish sandwich endorsed by the Vatican! This isn't your local K of C Friday Fish Fry, this is Pope approved!
Catholic Online broke the story yesterday:

LOUISVILLE, KY (Catholic Online) – The head of the company internationally known as a fast-food chicken vendor has made an appeal to Pope Benedict XVI to bless its new fish offering.

In a statement released Feb. 18, Ash Wednesday, KFC said its president, Gregg Dedrick, sent a personal letter to the pope asking for a papal blessing for the KFC's new Fish Snacker Sandwich, noting that the fast-food item “is ideal for American Catholics who want to observe Lenten season traditions while still leading their busy, modern lifestyles.”

The company’s statement noted that Vatican officials confirmed receipt of the request concerning the $0.99 (USD) sandwich, adding that KFC “is hopeful to get the pope's blessing this Lenten season.”

"People can enjoy the flavor of the new Fish Snacker any day of the week, but we believe it will be especially popular on Fridays," said James O'Reilly, chief marketing officer for KFC.

KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Ky., has more than 14,000 franchised outlets in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, serving some 12 million customers each day, according to company figures.


Anonymous said...

well this things thing seems completely bogus! i hope that the people a kfc have the right intentions, becuase if the don't it would be a complete mockery of the discipline that catholics practice during the holy season of lent.

Saginaw said...

I don't see how this would be a mockery. Shrewd buisness, maybe; but not mockery.

Anonymous said...

Amen, heck I'll eat it. with or without the Vatican's blessing. Just as long as it taste good.