Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bishop Carlson Celebrates 2nd Anniversary in Saginaw

I hope Bishop Carlson can forgive me for not posting this sooner...

On Saturday, February 24, Bishop Carlson marked two years as the shepherd of Saginaw. The best way I thought to commemorate these past two years was to look back and see how much has happened, this is obviously not a complete list but more like a very small highlight reel of Bishop's time here. So here it is:

Vocations to the priesthood have risen from 2 to 19
The Annual Bishop's Golf Classic
Faith Magazine
The Mother Theresa Fund providing financial aid to expectant mothers
The Bishop's Charity Ball to Benefit Catholic Education coming this Spring
The Renewal of the Permanent Diaconate
ABLAZE! Youth rally
Eucharistic Congress in June of 2007
The Formation of the Saginaw Area Catholic School System
"We Have Come To Worship Him" Implementation of the GIRM
A Rosary CD for Vocations
And so, so much more...

Thank you Bishop Carlson for coming to Saginaw!


Tim Ferguson said...

Ad multos (et multos magis) gloriosque annos!

Ray from MN said...

Those of us here in Minnesota still have a place in our hearts for "our" Bishop Carlson who went on to great things in Sioux Falls and now greater things with you in Saginaw. I just talked to a seminarian from Sioux Falls on Saturday and they still miss him greatly there.

Thanks for your list. I will pass it on to some activist priests and lay people I know.

We continue to pray for him and you.

Anonymous said...

May Bishop Carlson serve the Lord well in Saginaw. And may God bless the eternal soul of Bishop Ken Untener, who was a loving and humble servant of the Lord during his two-plus decades leading the Saginaw Diocese. May Bishop Untener's name and good example of humility and reaching out to all, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, not be forgotten. Rest in peace.

(former resident of the Saginaw Diocese)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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