Monday, February 12, 2007

"Seminarians" Get Coverage on Popular Catholic Blog

Thanks to Thomas, a good friend of mine over at American Papist, for giving a shoutout to us Saginaw Sems. He has a very attractive and popular blog which gets plenty of attention from around the country. He covers stories from across the spectrum: everything from a lastest movie or book review to what's new with the Pope and other church events, local and universal. You can also be treated to an occasional PPOTD (Papal Picture Of The Day). The blog is very informative and can be quite humorous. Plus, you can always count on a solid catholic viewpoint on whatever is discussed. Nothing wishy washy about Papist.

Check it out some time.


Anonymous said...

The American Papist blog just sent me your way. I'll be bookmarking this site. I'm in the Saginaw diocese and am so very grateful to God for sending us Bishop Carlson and wonderful men like you. You are in my prayers. Terentia

Saginaw said...

Thanks! For the Prayers and for the bookmark. We're just trying to do the Lord's Will. Tell your friends about our blog, it's a way we, as future priests in the diocese can get in touch with people in and around the diocese. Nice meeting you!