Friday, July 20, 2007

Vatican State Publishes New Website

This week the Vatican released its first attempt at a website. Now, I know you are thinking, "Wait a minute, the Vatican has had a website for years. In fact, don't you have a link to their website here at Seminarians?"

Well, the answer to all of that is, "yes." However, the Sovereign State known as the Vatican has not had a website, the Church has had a website. This site is less geared to the religiously minded and more to the coin collector.

Ok, so that was a gross over-simplification. Let me expound. The site is set up to be your typical government webpage with links to explainations of the history of the state as well as explainations to the governance of the smallest country in the world.

There are links to the phone service, the pharmacy, the radio and tv stations and the Philatelic and Numismatic Offices (stamps and money collectors welcome.)

There are links to purchase your very own piece of Vatican Art or find your very own proof set of 2007 Vatican issued Euros.

Finally, in what I (in my shallowness of mind, I think) find to be the neatest part of the website, you can see live webcam shots from in and around the Vatican. (looks like it was a nice sunny day there today...)

I think it is still work in progress and as intersested people flood their server it can be a little slow but it is definately worth the visit.

Here is what some of the news sources are saying:
CNA: Vatican City State enters the digital world
CNS: Navigating the world's smallest country
CWN: Vatican city-state launches web site with virtual tour

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