Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Paul Potts

I used to watch American Idol because I am generally a fan of the rags to riches story as well as a lover of music & singing. However, I soon became disillusioned with the show as I watched contestants voted off who clearly had more talent than folks who moved on to later rounds. It was simply a popularity contest in which the contestant who impressed the most teenage girls or had the most sex appeal won. My faith was lost in the ability of people to truly be presented with beauty and talent and recognize it. It seems all people are interested in is the glamor and the glitz, even if there is a hollow pot behind it.

I stopped watching.

A few moments ago, however, my faith was renewed as I was introduced to the story of Mr. Paul Potts the recent winner the TV contest Brittan's Got Talent. He was a cell phone salesman who had a dream to sing opera. He showed up at the set for the auditions and announced his plan to sing opera for the judges while, Simon Cowell, of American Idol fame, rolled his eyes and was visibly exasperated that he was going to have to sit through another mediocre performance.

The performance that followed made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and tears come to my eyes. Even Mr. Cowell was visibly moved by the performance

Pure beauty flowed from this man's mouth.

What restored my faith was how the public fell in love with him. I wager that the people who listened to this man sing and voted for him to win rarely listen to opera and can not explain the differences between a good opera singer and a poor one. Yet, the thing they could recognize was the goodness and beauty in this man. The human heart still seeks and longs for beauty even though it sometimes gets mixed up as to what true beauty is.

To watch this man, who is not physically attractive, receive standing ovations during his performance because the audience was caught up in his beauty is a definite example of contemplation. Without knowing it, these folks caught sight of the beauty of God and they lost all sense of themselves. They were totally caught up in the other. And Mr. Potts signifies the true performer. He is filled with humility and gratitude. GRATITUDE! I couldn't believe it.

It is we who must thank you Paul Potts...

Please watch and give thanks...

His Audition for the Show

The Semi-Final Performance

The Competition Finals Performance

The Conclusion of the Show

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