Sunday, July 29, 2007

NFP vs. Contraception III

Here is the third in the NFP vs. Contraception series by some of us seminarians participating in the Institute For Priestly Formation in Omaha, Nebraska. The first was posted here and the second was posted here.

Enjoy and leave feedback!


Therese said...

Great articles guys. Going to link to this on my blog.

Saginaw said...

What is your Blog?

Fr. Jay Toborowsky said...

You guys Rock! I've already included it on my blog:

Therese said...

Sorry. Here is my blog.

Anonymous said...

found you at

you guys are amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

A shout out from the AD of Denver. Great job, guys.

Jeff Geerling said...

Glad to see these ads - it's a fun thing to do in your spare time!

Have you met any of my brother semianarians from St. Louis this summer?

Jeremy Priest said...

Very nice! I hope you continue the production company! Perhaps you could call it, "IPF - NFP - R We"?



This way it's like an upside down cross, so it's symbolically in union w/ Peter's successor!


"No Rhythm Productions" aka, not the old rhythm method.

Anonymous said...

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