Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Missouri Bans Planned Parenthood in Favor of Abstinence Only Sex Education

The war on terror (the culture of death, that is) just took a positive turn:
Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed a bill into law this week that reclassifies abortion clinics as "ambulatory surgical centers" and places them under stricter regulations and the scrutiny of state officials.

The law, promoted by Missouri Right to Life, permits abstinence-only sex-ed classes and makes it illegal for Planned Parenthood or other pro-abortion groups to teach school sex education classes. Currently Planned Parenthood teaches in up to 40 St. Louis-area schools, reported

The new law is "one of the strongest pieces of pro-life legislation in Missouri history," said Blunt at the July 9 signing ceremony.

Planned Parenthood of Missouri complained that the new law will require them to spend up to $2 million to refit their abortion centers to meet the new standards.

Paula Gianino, president of Planned Parenthood for the St. Louis Region, said the new law could leave only one abortion facility in the state.

"I say if they can't meet the same basic requirements that other (medical) providers do, then they should shut down," Blunt stated.

Gianino told St. Louis Today that the group is considering legal action to stop the law from taking effect.
Isn't this just great news? I gotta say the Planned Parenthood officials are so sympathetic with their new problems. As if they don't have the cash to "update" their facilities. And if they can only leave one abortion clinic open in the whole state..whoohoo, praise God. I don't know much about about Blunt, but he seems like a pretty level-headed guy, "if they can't meet the same basic requirements that other (medical) providers do, then they should shut down," seems pretty logical to me.

But apart from them having to close down the abortion clinics, the great news here is that they are not going to be able to teach hundreds, if not thousands, of children the lies of contraception and abortion as they are losing their murderous grip on up to 40 St. Louis schools alone. Praise God, again!

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