Sunday, July 29, 2007

Credit Where Credit Is Due...

For the readers of Seminarians who live in the Saginaw area, you are in no doubt familiar with TV5 News. Every weekend they have a video opinion column from a local radio personality, Mr. Jonny Burke. Now, I can't say that I always agree with Mr. Burke's opinions and beliefs but I have to applaud him this week. While commenting on the recent Michael Vick dog fighting case, Mr. Burke questioned the amount of enthusiasm that is being thrust into protesting Mr. Vick. He was not questioning the validity of the protest, but rather the priority people were giving to tortured and killed dogs over the tortured and killed babies of abortion. Yes, you heard right, ABORTION! I was thrilled to hear that the case against abortion was defended right over the airwaves on a secular news station. If you didn't get the chance to see the video, click here.

If you get a chance, write, call, or e-mail TV5 and let them know that you appreciated this latest defense of life.

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Jeremy Priest said...

Really cool!