Monday, July 09, 2007

More Motu...

There are some quality sources for commentary on the Motu around the internet right now, so I thought I'd provide some links:

Radio clip from the show Kresta in the Afternoon of an interview with Fr. Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press fame. (If it is not up yet, check back soon, it aired this afternoon.)

A special on EWTN tonight at 9 pm Eastern you can watch it on the internet live and a taped version on July 13th here.

EWTN also offers an index page with links to the documents and other documents referred to by Pope Benedict

A very quality post by Fr. Micheal Fox from an Ohio parish about what this does and does not mean on the local level.

Vermont Bishop Matano's willingness to get Motu Mania going...

Nice Explanation Over at CWN

All I can say is educate yourself about what the Motu Proprio does and does not say. There are plenty of rumors and distortions flying around out there and I would hate for anyone to get caught up in them. Be responsible. Find out the truth, which basically means don't go to NBC (or CBS, ABC, CNN, youget the point) for your news.


Tim Ferguson said...

Just to note, the picture above is not from the celebration of Mass in the extraordinary form (not that you're saying that it is...), but a picture of Vespers celebrated at the inimitable St. Agnes parish in St. Paul. St. Agnes has consistently celebrated Mass only according to the ordinary form (aka Novus Ordo) since 1970. The fact that Mass is celebrated there ad orientem and frequently in Latin (with the parish choir and orchestra on Sunday's at 10) leads some to believe that it's offering the Tridentine Mass, but it's really a solid example of how the Novus Ordo Missae can be celebrated with devotion and solemnity and tied into our long liturgical tradition.

Just thought I'd point that out - and if you get a chance to go to St. Agnes, it's truly worth the trip. I went there frequently back in the day when I was a Saginaw Seminarian, and the late Msgr. Schuler, pastor at the time, was very gracious and helpful to me when I decided to leave the diocese of Saginaw and search for God's will in my life elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what our Bishop Carlson says about having the Mass of Pope John XXIII in our diocese? I can't find any information on the internet or newspaper.