Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Pope in Brazil: Day One

Well, il Papa arrives in Brazil today to take part in what has so far been the most distant apostolic journey he has undertaken. The trip to the "continent of hope" will include two public Masses, the canonization of Blessed Fre Galvao, and the meeting of the Latin American Episcopate which takes place every ten years.

This trip is getting plenty of coverage and I am vowing to watch this trip closely. I may even have some "on the ground" spot reporting. What Blog can boast that? (boasting in a purely virtuous way that is) EWTN starts their coverage this afternoon at 1:00. For the full schedule click here.

The Vatican has provided Benedict's full schedule.

It's great to have the Pope visiting different places in the world, really living up to the title of Universal Pastor. He's got some work to do to match his predecessor, although I don't think he's competing.

I'll be sure to keep you updated...

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