Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American College of Pediatricians Fights to Defend Children: At All Stages Of Life

There is a growing organization of physicians out there which has decided to defend an all but abstract idea of family life.

The American College of Pediatricians, sporting the tag line: The Best For Children, defends such concepts as a married male-female unit as an environment most suited for proper development and the idea that children need protection from the time of their conception until their natural death.

From their website:

The Mission:

  • "The Mission of the American College of Pediatricians is to enable all children to reach their optimal physical and emotional health and well-being. To this end, we recognize the basic father-mother family unit, within the context of marriage, to be the optimal setting for childhood development, but pledge our support to all children, regardless of their circumstances."

The Vision:

  • "The American College of Pediatricians promotes a society where all children, from the moment of their conception, are valued unselfishly. We encourage mothers, fathers and families to advance the needs of their children above their own. We expect societal forces to support the two-parent, father-mother family unit and provide for children role models of ethical character and responsible behavior."

Their Values:

  • "Children are the future of our nation and society. As such, they deserve to be reared in the best possible family environment and supported by physicians committed to ensuring their optimal health and well-being. The members of the American College of Pediatricians are those physicians."

The great thing about this group of professionals is that they are not shy about stating the need for good science within the context of true natural and ethical law. This attitude is shown in what they call their "core values": a list of eight points which guide their operation. Highlights of these Core Values include: my comments in red

  • Recognizes that there are absolutes and scientific truths that transcend relative social considerations of the day. (just when you thought the dictatorship of relativism had taken over...)
  • Recognizes that good medical science cannot exist in a moral vacuum and pledges to promote such science. (*gasp* Science with morals?)
  • Recognizes the fundamental mother-father family unit, within the context of marriage, to be the optimal setting for the development and nurturing of children and pledges to promote this unit. (no mom and mom families here!)
  • Recognizes the unique value of every human life from the time of conception to natural death and pledges to promote research and clinical practice that provides for the healthiest outcome of the child from conception to adulthood. (finally doctors who try to keep babies alive and aren't ashamed to say that's the way it should be)
  • Recognizes the physical and emotional benefits of sexual abstinence until marriage and pledges to promote this behavior as the ideal for adolescence. (did I hear that right?)

Some recent articles they've published are starting to get some attention such as the article about adoption and homosexual couples and their call to stop embryonic stem cell research in favor of adult stem cell research.

Stop by and check out their website and if you can, support them!

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