Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Monsignor Peter J. Elliot Named Auxiliary of Melbourne

Blogging has been slow this week and so I missed this piece of news earlier. Msgr. Elliot has been named an auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia.

The good Monsignor has worked for years in all matters liturgical and has published a few books: Liturgical Question Box, Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year, and Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite.

I got to have a conversation with him last year at the Sacraficium Laudis conference and he told us about how the Synod on the Eucharist, which he had attended, had been. If you go here you can see some of the pictures from that event and towards the bottom is a picture of the conversation I just mentioned.

It's safe to say I'm pretty excited for the Church of Melbourne.

thanks to Thomas for the photo links!

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