Monday, April 16, 2007

Pope turns 80

It's taken me a bit to post this -- taxes due.

Remember when JPII turned 80? Everyone was waiting for him to die and asking how long it would be till he resigned his papacy and whether or not he had the ability to continue as he had before.

Now we witness a pontiff turning 80 and we are left to wonder if he is going to slow down any time soon. We have received two important documents in this two year papacy and a 448 pg book on Jesus Christ. The motu proprio is coming soon as well as WYD 2008. Then there is everything he has done with inter-religious dialogue. We are so blessed, we truly need to thank God for our Holy Father.

Yesterday, at the Mass for Divine Mercy, the Pope reflected on this important day:

Pausing a moment, the Pope thanked all those present as he celebrated a significant day, "I can look back over 80 years of my life." He especially noted the presence of the Metropolitan of Pergamo, saying that he "appreciate[s] that kind gesture and look[s] forward to a renewed Catholic-Orthodox theological dialogue."

Conscious that "the liturgy should not be used to speak about me," Benedict decided to focus on how "life itself can serve to announce the Mercy of God." Mentioning how much we owe to God the Father, the Holy Father noted that "at the same time, He trusts us because His mercy and goodness, with which He accepts even our weakness, always shine through His justice."

Viva il Papa!

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Anonymous said...

OH he'll be around for a few more years!!!!!!!!! God Bless him all the more!!!!!!!