Thursday, April 26, 2007

Archbishop Burke on Cardinal Glennon Benefit w Sheryl Crow

Here is a video Bishop Burke posted on youtube about this whole Sheryl Crow mishap. 


Katherine said...

Crow giving her time and talent to this cause is no more an endorsement of abortion by Glennon Hospital than Burke is endorsing racism by being on the Board of an institution named for his segregationist predecessor.

There is no sin for Ms. Crow to donate her time at her profession to help the mission of Glennon Hospital. There is no sin in accepting her donation. Accepting a donation, be it from the trade or craft of a carpenter, singer, plumber, accountant, proofreader or hodcarrier is not a sin even if the persons in question are (as it will always be as we all are) sinners.

We all know the Scripture about the Good Samaritan. By God’s grace (I believe) in the time of Cardinal Ritter of St. Louis (of blessed memory) this passage was often used in preaching against the grave sin of racism. All well and good. However, the Samaritans were not really racially distinct from the other Hebrews. The Jews disliked them because they were heretics. They rejected part of the revelation that God had given to the Jewish people at that time. Christ did not counsel us to refuse the aid of the Samaritan, nor should we refuse Ms. Crow making a contribution to this pro-life ministry.

Anonymous said...

Well, aside from the mistake about the Semaritans being racially the same as the Jews, (the Semaritans were a mixed race of Jewish and other middle-east descent) and the sly equivacation of the children's hospital with the pro-life cause, Katherine's comment still has much to be desired. How can you claim to be in support of children one momment and be for brutally murdering them the next as Miss Crow is?

Quoting Christ here for your position is not only wrong but it is intellectually lacking. Christ said that we should shake the dust from our feet of the one who publically rejects him in the Gospel. The promotion of abortion and the trafficking of human embryos, somthing Miss Crow stands for, constitues a grave violation against the basic rights of the human person. In a state which has fought these battles so recently in the past election, the Archbishop had a moral obligation before God almightly to seperate the Church fom what was going on here.

This is not a reletivist Church. We stand for the truth.

Katherine said...

This is not a reletivist Church. We stand for the truth.

The remove Glennon's name from the hospital. Otherwise, by your measure, the Archdiocese is endorsing racism.