Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wait...We Still Believe In Hell?

This just in from the pope: "Hell exists, and you souls do go there" (not actual quote, but here's what he did say:)
ROME, March 27, 2007 ( - In a homily delivered Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI stated, "Jesus came to tell us that He wants us all in heaven and that hell - of which so little is said in our time - exists and is eternal for those who close their hearts to His love."
The warning about hell comes in the context of love. In fact, it is because of God's love that He warns us about the possibility of eternal separation from Him. God is, "above all, love," said the Pope. "If He hates sin it is because He has an infinite love for all human beings." The Lord's aim, said Benedict, was "to save a soul and to reveal that salvation is only to be found in the love of God."
The article goes on to discuss recent teachings of different bishops about the danger of "losing one's salvation." The main example brought up is having a separation between what one believes and what one lives, as in the case of politicians.

The important point, I believe, is that hell isn't being ignored. People can and do go there. If we deny hell, then why again did Jesus come?


Trip said...

I'm diggin' the papal blazer; never seen that getup before.

Anonymous said...

I agree.i LOVE it(i also like the article!)!

Anonymous said...

DUH-where would all the people who are there be if it wasn't in existence- not heaven(hopefully)!!